Pumping station (PS) is used in sewage collection systems, it is designed for wastewater pumping into a higher sewer network or wastewater treatment plant due to terrain characteristics. More than 90% PSs in the Slovak Republic are „wet pumping stations“ bringing many disadvantages e.g.:

  • Pump plugging (reduced life-cycle),
  • Frequent maintenance necessary (labour intensive cleaning of a PS, deteriorated hygienic conditions for maintenance personnel),
  • Increased operating and maintenance costs of a PS,
  • Environmental impact.

For the above problems to be eliminated our company has developed Pump Protector™, a device enabling to upgrade your ordinary pumping station to a pumping station of the future.

Following the installation of Pump Protector™ significant cost reduction is achieved, the costs associated with the operation of a PS, due to:

  • decreased number of PS calls for pumps cleaning, maintenance, and service,
  • prolonged life-cycle of pumps,
  • less frequent servicing of pumps,
  • reduced power consumption,
  • increased long-term effectiveness of pumps,
  • no need to use rakes, which is beneficial in terms of ecological impact on environment around the pumping stations.

Pump Protector™ ensures that a pump does not get into contact with particulate matter that cause the pump’s excessive wear, mechanical damage, plugging, and failure.

Pump Protector™ can be installed into wet chambers of new as well as majority of existing pumping stations with no construction alterations needed!

Pump Protector™ in gravitational inflow of wastewater into a PS, the Pump Protector separates particulate matter, accumulates it temporarily, and following the switch-on of the pump, it enables that particulate matter is forced into the lifting pipe, through which it is further delivered into sewage collection system and/or wastewater treatment plant.

Pump Protector™ enables upgrading of a pumping station with the use of original pumps, if they are technically fit for their purpose, which reduces investment costs to minimum.

Company profile

AQUA4UM, although a new company, the firm builds on a longstanding experience of our employees and business partners. We take pride in delivering all we do to an exceptional standard. This motivates us to create permanent value that is useful for both our customers and society in general.

Each service provided by the company can be supported by more than 20-years experience of individual employees. Our people have been there and done it.

Either in our core business water management or in other construction sectors:

  • economy and management in construction sector
  • performing the activities of a project supervisor
  • construction services
  • project design
  • engineering
  • research

Our team comprises employees with:

• extensive experience in management of a multi-million construction projects financed by the EU funds or from equity

• experience in designing and planning water management technology, as well as building construction, and civil engineering

• experience in completion of a large number of running projects, as well as research & development of new technologies and devices.

To make a more forward-looking approach, we know that knowledge should be in a constant development, and so we strive to continually integrate new scientific and technological evidence, either by means of conferences, scientific lectures, and face to face knowledge and information shared with our partners abroad. So that we can use the latest knowledge and technology for the benefit of our customers.

This is the story of our original device PUMP PROTECTOR®

Offered services

  • Sewerage construction
  • Waste-water treatment
  • Sludge separator / sludge management
  • Drinkable, process, and fire water supply
  • Drinkable water treatment
  • Designing water supply networks, sewerages (pressure, vacuum, and gravity), pumping stations – including MaR, ASRTP
  • Designing waste-water treatment plants, water treatment facilities – including MaR, ASRTP
  • Modernisation, improvement, capacity enhancement, and rehabilitation of existing water supply networks, sewerages, waste-water treatment plants, water treatment facilities – including MaR and ASRTP
  • Preparing Operation and Handling Rules
  • Preparing expert opinions in the area of water management
  • Digitalisation of water supply systems – modelling capacities
  • Preparing workshop schedule
  • Preparing manufacturing schedule
  • 3D modelling and design of structures and machines
  • Mechanical protection of pumps in a wet pumping station with use of PUMP PROTECTOR®
  • Machinery equipment of feeding tanks – all types
  • Machinery equipment of sedimentation tanks – all types
  • Thickening tanks
  • Washing flaps of rain tanks
  • Check gates, slices
  • Track cars – electric, manual
  • Lifting apparatus
  • Steel structures (stainless steel, zinc-coated steel, black steel)
  • Plastic structures
  • Supplies of technological equipment (for waste-water treatment, water treatment facilities, sewerages, water supply networks)
  • Supplies of structures for industrial, civil engineering, and building construction
  • Performing the activities of a project supervisor for wate-water treatment plants, water treatment facilities, sewerages, and water supply networks
  • Project management of construction projects financed by the EU funds or from equity
  • Performing testing operation of waste-water treatment plants or water treatment facility
  • Training personnel of waste-water treatment plants, water treatment facility
  • Design documentation on improvement of waste-water treatment plant in Zvolenská Slatina; investor: PRESTA s.r.o.; completed in: 2018
  • Reconstruction of the pumping station Kalinčiakova, installing PUMP PROTECTOR ® – Investor: Vodárne a kanalizácie mesta Stupava, s. r. o.; completed in: 2017
  • Drinkable water treatment unit – municipality Jakubov – 5 l/s; investor: municipality Jakubov; completed in: 2018
  • A comprehensive reconstruction of the pumping station in Mojmírovce, installing PUMP PROTECTOR ®; Investor: municipality Mojmírovce; completed in: 2019
  • Design documentation necessary for building permit and construction of industrial waste-water treatment plant JAV-AKC Vlčany; investor: JAV–AKC, s.r.o.; completed in: 2019 – 2020
  • Manufacturing schedule of a complete cleaning procedure of an industrial waste-water treatment plant JAV – AKC Vlčany; investor: JAV–AKC, s.r.o.; completed in: 2019 – 2020
  • Workshop schedule of floating units in a waste-water treatment plant JAV-AKC Vlčany; investor: JAV–AKC, s.r.o.; completed in: 2019 – 2020
  • Assessment of a construction, machinery, and electric/electronic state of the pumping stations in Most pri Bratislave and Malinovo; investor: Kanalizácia M&M, s.r.o.; completed in: 2019
  • Design documentation of switching facility at the waste-water treatment plant in Most pri Bratislave; investor: Kanalizácia M&M, s.r.o.; completed in: 2019
  • Design documentation of “Shifting if an irrigation system _ Šaľa City Outer Bypass”; investor: Boček and partners; completed in: 2019